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    By Jennelle McGrath in May, 2016 | 4 minute read

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    Understanding Facebook Ads: Where to Start

    There are many different types of Facebook Ads. You can use them to promote events, get more followers, generate leads and more. If you want to start understanding Facebook ads, you've come to the right place.

    Facebook has a huge user base filled to the brim with leads just waiting to be nurtured. If organic growth just isn’t cutting it for your company anymore, it’s time to consider making the jump to real, honest-to-goodness paid Facebook ads. There are tons of different approaches, and since each of them have their own advantages and drawbacks, understanding Facebook ads can seem like a daunting task.

    Facebook Ads come in all shapes and sizes. To get the most out of your marketing, acquaint yourself with the bare basics of what each approach entails:

    What Can Facebook Ads Do For Me?

    In the words of the social media giant’s marketing team, there are 14 different ways you can leverage the power of Facebook ads. 

    • Increase Your Facebook Visibility

      One of the many uses of Facebook ads is to direct prospects to your business Facebook page. You’ll get indispensable access to cutting-edge audience selection tools, as well as top-of-Timeline ad placement for the exact audience you’re looking for. Whether it’s a post promotion or a push for page Likes, you’re in control. You choose how long your ad will run for, and what level of engagement you feel comfortable bidding for.

    • Drive Users to Your Company’s Site

      Promoting your external website on Facebook gives you some really neat features, such as action tracking. That way, you’ll see what final effect your Facebook marketing has had on your customers. You’ll be able to see how many customers ended up adding items to an online cart or checking out through your storefront with the addition of a little bit of HTML code on your existing pages. If you’re more interested in what pages they visit once they follow your ad, you can measure that, too.

    • Promote Your App

      Has your company developed a revolutionary app that deserves to be on every device on the web? Put it where your customers can find it - at the top of their news feeds, or in an easy-to-reach sidebar! As a result, you can coax your app users to become more engaged on your platform or draw a larger user base for your latest release.

    • Publicize Events

      Spread the word about your latest event or promotion easier than ever! Ditch the fliers and go digital with Facebook’s event promotion tools. As a result, you’ll be able to target your audience and make beautifully effective CTAs in no-time flat.

    • Distribute Special Offers and Deals

      Much in the same vein as event promotion, you’re able to offer exclusive deals to your Facebook followers, resulting in higher page visibility and personal engagement with your brand. By bidding for deal visibility, you’ll be placed higher on a user’s Timeline and, as a result, much more accessible.

    • Garner Local Attention

      Drive customers through your business’s door with a Facebook ad that’s only available within a certain physical radius. You’ll increase your face-to-face customer base and garner more visibility around town. Define your target audience.

    • Target Prospects With Dynamic Content

      Facebook’s ad platform allows you to tailor-fit your marketing approach automatically. Ads target users depending on what they have recently shopped for or what site’s they’ve visited. Because of this, you’ll form a stronger bond with your prospects and enjoy skyrocketing conversion rates. From slideshows to videos, you’ll be able to control every piece of your lively ad space.

    • Generate Leads

      Give people interested in your company an easy way to connect with you and receive more information. Because of Facebook lead ads, your prospects will be able to submit a contact form that’s already pre-populated with data directly to your company. You’ll save yourself and your marketing team hours of prospecting time by letting your audience come to you.

    Understanding Facebook Ads is a Process

    When your company invests in Facebook marketing, you aren’t receiving an allotted physical space — you’re bidding for your audience’s attention. The more money you invest in an ad campaign, the more often your target demographic will be exposed to it. Therefore, it’s best to have a very particular target in mind with more than a few cents to spend on visibility.

    Understanding Facebook ads and what they can do for you is an ongoing process, though. Familiarizing yourself with how they work, and learning about the different types of Facebook ads available, is a great place to start. But to become a Facebook marketing pro, you'll have to practice.

    Figure out what works for your brand, what doesn't, and keep iterating on your processes until understanding Facebook ads stop feeling like a goal to strive toward and starts feeling like the status quo.

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