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    70 Facebook Terms & Definitions

    Picture of Sam Meza
    By Sam Meza in January, 2020 | 10 minute read

    Facebook is a robust platform with highly intricate advertising capabilities. Don’t get lost in the jargon—use this cheat sheet to familiarize yourself with the most commonly used Facebook terms.

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    The 15 Facebook KPIs You Should Be Tracking

    Picture of Sam Meza
    By Sam Meza in January, 2020 | 6 minute read

    Each Facebook Ads campaign should be used to drive specific results. Knowing which Facebook KPIs to track can help you hit your goals. 

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    Facebook Bidding Strategies for Beginners

    Picture of Sam Meza
    By Sam Meza in January, 2020 | 4 minute read

    More money spent doesn’t always result in a higher return on investment. Use these Facebook bidding strategies to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your advertising bucks.

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    Which Facebook Campaign Objectives Should I Use?

    Picture of Sam Meza
    By Sam Meza in January, 2020 | 11 minute read

    There are currently 11 different Facebook campaign objectives available. Selecting the appropriate campaign is the first step toward creating Facebook ads that drive results. To help you take advantage of some of Facebook Ads best practices, let’s...

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    The Top 6 HubSpot Integrations for B2B Companies

    Picture of Sam Meza
    By Sam Meza in March, 2019 | 5 minute read

    HubSpot is an invaluable tool for growing B2B businesses. There are over 200 HubSpot integrations that offer even more benefits and functionality, so which ones are right for you?

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    Plan a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign in 10 Steps

    Picture of Sam Meza
    By Sam Meza in January, 2019 | 11 minute read

    Successful marketing is about being in front of the right people, at the right time. With social media so deeply intertwined with consumers’ lifestyles, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly incorporating social media into their...

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    Social Media 101: Hashtag Marketing

    Picture of Market Veep
    By Market Veep in October, 2018 | 7 minute read

    Using hashtags can boost your social media posts and help you reach your target audience more successfully. Hashtags are used to organize the different posts on social media and connect users under common conversations. Use this article to help...

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    9 Social Media Management Tips to Keep You Organized

    Picture of Market Veep
    By Market Veep in October, 2018 | 6 minute read

    Social media marketing is more important than ever. With companies using multiple social media platforms, it’s hard to manage all of the incoming content requests. In order to keep your social media manager and team organized, take a look at these 9...

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    The Best Marketing Tips from INBOUND 2018

    Picture of Sam Meza
    By Sam Meza in October, 2018 | 7 minute read

    The Inbound Conference is a gold mine of best marketing tips from thought leaders with diverse backgrounds. Here are the top four marketing tips you need to know to improve your marketing strategy and results.

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    How B2B Brands Leverage Facebook for Marketing

    Picture of Market Veep
    By Market Veep in July, 2018 | 6 minute read

    There is a common misconception that Facebook is just for B2C brands. However, there are numerous ways that B2B brands market using Facebook as one of their main channels. Today, Facebook is increasingly becoming a popular marketing platform for B2B...

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