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    6 Examples of Brand Repositioning That Renewed Company Growth

    Picture of Bill Viau
    By Bill Viau in October, 2020 | 10 minute read

    Has the excitement left your brand? Are sales trending down? It could be time to try a fresh approach. Brand repositioning will mean updates to your message, your value proposition, and your marketing strategy to keep up with evolving demographics. ...

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    Step Up Your Social Media Content Marketing: Tips to Boost Brand Relevance

    Picture of William Jepma
    By William Jepma in February, 2019 | 7 minute read

    Social media content marketing can be one of the secret weapons in boosting your brand’s relevance and visibility. When you’re well acquainted with who your audience is, what kinds of content capture their attention, and what you can do to secure...

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    Your Inbound Business Origin Story Is Worth Selling

    Picture of Don Granese
    By Don Granese in December, 2018 | 4 minute read

    Your inbound business story matters. It matters to you because it’s the step-by-step process that got you here. When your target audience truly understands WHY & HOW you got started in your industry, they will have more respect for WHAT it is...

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    How to Build a Strong Brand Identity

    Picture of Emma Berry
    By Emma Berry in October, 2018 | 8 minute read

    Brand identity is important for the attract and delight stages of the inbound methodology. A company with a strong brand identity will be able to create meaningful and lasting relationships with customers.

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    How To Design a Strong & Memorable Logo in 7 Steps

    Picture of Nina Deuterio
    By Nina Deuterio in July, 2018 | 6 minute read

    Logos are sometimes the most overlooked and yet overthought element in a brand. When designed well, your logo will complement your company brand. When not designed well, your logo can negatively impact everything your brand stands for.

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    4 Brands That Give Back (And Why You Should Too)

    Picture of Emma Berry
    By Emma Berry in June, 2018 | 5 minute read

    Giving back to the community is a great way for brands to stand for something positive and reach their customers on an emotional level, but the benefits don't stop there. When brands donate and do charitable work, they tend to have better company...

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    The Inbound Marketing Methodology: Delight

    Picture of Mike Rand
    By Mike Rand in December, 2017 | 4 minute read

    You've attracted visitors, converted them into leads, and closed them as customers. Now it’s time to delight your customers so much that they promote your brand. Welcome to the Delight stage of the inbound marketing methodology.

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    Consider Your Law Firm a Brand

    Picture of Mike Rand
    By Mike Rand in February, 2017 | 4 minute read

    Brand recognition is an important factor in both consumer and B2B markets. It's equally as important for law firms. By treating your law firm like a brand, you'll be able to maintain more top-of-mind recognition in your community.

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    Trusted Websites and What They Mean for Your Business

    Picture of Jennelle McGrath
    By Jennelle McGrath in July, 2016 | 2 minute read

    Obtaining backlinks from trusted websites like Yelp, Angie's List, or other business directories can make you more attractive to search engines. They can also get you referral traffic from those sites. Just make sure your reviews are good!

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