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    By Jennelle McGrath in July, 2016 | 3 minute read

    Social Media

    Promoting Your Product Through Social Media Is Indispensable

    If you have a product, you need to get it into the hands of the masses. Promoting your product over social media can help you build trust, obtain customers, and even provide customer service, among other things.

    Every day, millions of internet users visit social networking sites. As a living, breathing community, social media outlets have huge sway over whether modern products succeed or fail. If you’re developing a new product or you’ve already released one, you should consider promoting your product through social media. You can’t afford to go without these vital pieces of your marketing campaign.

    The “Why” of Promoting Your Product Through Social Media

    A marketer’s currency is information. It shapes our decisions and helps us reform old ones to continually improve our trade. So, why pass up on some of the most prevalent, easy-to-use data that’s ever been available?

    1. You build rapport with your customers.
      When you market a product through social media, you build a relationship with your audience that makes your company memorable and desirable. After constant exposure to your messages and products, you’ll have top-of-mind recognition from just about everyone in your target audience.
    2. You can see what your customers think.
      Offering surveys to customers may be a time-tested approach to garnering feedback on your product quality; however, the most important data is often not from the questions you ask your customers, but what they tell other consumers. Social media gives you insight into how your brand is carried by its customers and how it’s regarded by the general public.
    3. You build trust with consumers.
      Your product needs to be promoted not by your company, but by the personality it portrays. Personable, genuine interaction with your customer base will lead them to trust you more, and thus, trust your product more.

    The “How” of Promoting Your Product Through Social Media

    Putting your product into the hands of the masses isn’t easy, regardless of whether you use social media marketing strategies or not. You’ve got to stay inspired, creative, quick and nimble in the way you connect with your customers online. Here’s a general guideline on how to go about promoting your product through social media:

    1. Gain an understanding of each platform first.
      Before you begin promoting your product through social media, you should read all you can about different platforms - from the large, well-known sites like Facebook and Twitter, to more niche groups like Reddit and Medium. Then, once you create your marketing account, take your time to learn how each tool works. This will save you plenty of headaches later on.
    2. Give your customers content worth engaging.
      Learn what catches your customer’s eye, and then give them all they can handle. From informational text-based posts to engaging hashtag- and image-based interactions, make sure you know what makes your followers tick. While post frequency is important on any platform, always stress quality over quantity.
    3. Drive different customers to different places.
      When you promote each social media account on your others, you increase your chances of moving more of your product and engaging more of your audience. So, always remember to lead your Facebook followers to your Twitter feed, your fellow Redditors to your corporate blog, and so on. You’ll garner more attention for not only your company but for the products you carry.

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