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Drive In More Leads

    Picture of Jennelle McGrath
    By Jennelle McGrath in August, 2022 | 2 minute read

    Company Culture

    Inbound Reflection: What it means to live a life well lived (thank you Brian Halligan)

    As our team was getting ready to attend the INBOUND conference it's only natural to reflect back on the previous year to see what impact one year has had on us since we attended the event. Each team member will, I'm sure, give a different answer and perspective on what inspired them the most, taught them a new skill, or enlightened them with a new perspective.

    For me, there was one event in particular that motivated me to deeply reflect on what truly matters, and what is it that we work so hard for? If all we do is work and don’t take enough time to reflect on what matters most to us, WHAT’S THE POINT of all that working? 

    Our business from inception was founded on a strong focus of a HAPPY culture. 

    That being said, it's easy as a business leader to get lost in the weeds, whether in the day’s events or the 10,000 foot BHAG vision to slowly drift away from HAPPY. Not to mention that the COVID years changed the landscape of businesses and put the focus back on putting one foot in front of the other to stay focused on goals, supporting your team and the gravity of responsibility. To say the least there was not much room or time for reflection during those years. 

    At INBOUND last year I attended Brian Halligan’s talk on his near death snowmobile accident, reaching 1 billion ARR, his stepping down as CEO and how he realized there were other things outside of work worth living for.. So @BrianHalligan- thank you for the friendly reminder-and a second chance to reflect on WHAT IT MEANS TO LIVE A LIFE WELL LIVED


    So, what did that mean for Market Veep? I’ll be honest- I went to the event and when my husband came home I said - “You should come on full time as the CFO, you’re working on Market Veep nights and weekends managing finances and legal, you also have a full time day job and you’re commuting an hour each way to work.” So from when I attended the event in October to the end of February- we took the leap, he left his job of almost 20 years to focus on growing with us full time. Family, living a well balanced life, and focusing on happiness was more important. So Brent congrats on 6 months, thank you for believing in our team and taking a chance on us, we’re so glad you are here, it was worth the leap!   

    And so I challenge YOU- what would you do if you could do anything- near death experience or not?

    Because you can do anything you set your mind to when you keep HAPPY at the forefront.

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