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    By Mike Rand in May, 2017 | 4 minute read

    Lead Generation

    Improve Your Online Lead Generation Tactics Today

    Generating leads online is certainly easier than doing it the old-fashioned way. It's more measurable and much more sustainable, too. But it also requires a certain set of skills.

    Performing lead generation online has become a standard practice for B2B businesses. That’s because 94% of B2B buyers do some kind of online research before making a purchasing decision. Building an attractive and responsive website, posting digital content, and creating online conversion opportunities are easier methods than offline ones.

    They are also more effective. People throw mail away. They ignore phone calls and overlook print ads. Even after months of work and planning, offline methods just don’t bring in leads like they used to.

    Moving lead generation online just feels like a logical step. But is doing lead generation online that much easier? You may be surprised at what it takes. Here are some lead generation tactics and ideas to help you out.

    The Definitive Guide To Selling Better and Faster

    A Website is a Living Thing

    Some B2B businesses struggle with lead generation tactics because they have a “set it and forget it” approach to digital marketing. Building a basic website and bringing it to life is easy enough these days, but doing lead generation online is an ongoing process. Refresh that website each month with engaging content if you want your pages to get any traffic. Post often to a blog or build out additional webpages. Everything you place on your site needs to be targeted so that the right kinds of people will find it.

    Use HubSpot’s free website grader to determine the strength of your website. If it needs improvement, here are some important considerations for your website:

    • Essential Web Pages (Home, About, Product or Services Pages, Testimonials)
    • Contact Forms
    • Calls to Action
    • Mobile-Responsive Design
    • Clear Descriptions
    • Powerful Images and Written Content

    Websites require maintenance. If you can’t do it yourself, get an experienced web developer to take a look at your website on a regular basis. They’ll make sure it runs smoothly, loads quickly, and is responsive to mobile devices month after month. Get access to metrics that will tell you your website’s bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, your visitors aren’t sticking around long enough to convert. If the current iteration of your website isn’t attracting new leads, don’t hesitate to redesign it

    Get On Multiple Digital Channels

    Creating a website is a good first step, but there are other online channels that need your active attention. You need an entire marketing system in place to do lead generation online. Leads won’t go anywhere unless there are clear steps for converting and making contact. You need a presence on multiple digital marketing channels.

    Social Media

    Both consumers and B2B buyers expect businesses to have some sort of social media presence. If your sales team isn’t on LinkedIn, they may be missing out on networking opportunities that could lead to referrals. You can even engage in active selling through LinkedIn sales navigator. Get on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms and post regularly to get your business more attention. 90% of businesses agree that social media is important for their marketing.


    Email campaigns get leads through the door by providing a necessary push. They are designed, written, and sent out at the right time to capture leads in the right stage of their buying cycle. Create a newsletter that features your most recent content. Send out surveys to your existing customers to get referrals and usable sets of data. Email is considered one of the most effective digital lead generation tactics and it has an ROI of 4,300%.

    Digital Advertising

    Give your marketing engine an extra kick by creating search ads and social media ads. When combined with other “organic” lead generation tactics, ads will give you quick edge over your competition. Paid search ads place you at the top of search results for keywords that are difficult to rank for. Social media ads put your business directly in front of your target customers.

    Online Lead Generation Tactics Look Easy

    Performing lead generation online looks easy when you’re on the receiving end. Simple, yet elegant websites always look like they could be designed in an hour or so. Catchy social media posts are so clever that readers feel like they could create them themselves. Well-written digital content is framed in a way that it’s easy for anyone to read and digest. But good digital marketing is like fine art. It looks easy to the audience, but it’s harder than they think.

    To do lead generation online, you need the following skill sets and more:

    • Web Development
    • Coding
    • Writing
    • Design
    • Project Management

    Part of your website may need to be hard-coded by a web developer in order to work properly. Your eBooks and blog posts need to be written, designed, and revised before they can be uploaded. Original icons, logos, and CTAs have to be designed and created by a web designer. Even social media posts take research and brainstorming before they can be shared. It takes training and experience to use marketing tools effectively, and you need a team of strategists to plan everything out.

    Not every business has the room or budget to keep a digital marketing team under their own roof, but outsourced teams are available. If you need help with any of your online lead generation tactics, outsource the effort to a team of digital marketing professionals. Outsourced lead generation is 43% more effective than attempting it in-house.

    Your outsourced team can build out your website, create engaging content, and manage all your social media counts. They’ll refresh your campaign each month so you always have new leads coming in. When you outsource all the heavy lifting, digital marketing becomes as easy as it looks.

    The Definitive Guide To Selling Better and Faster 

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