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    By Bill Viau in April, 2021 | 8 minute read

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    Get More Out of Your HubSpot Portal with a HubSpot Partner Agency

    You can use an experienced HubSpot Partner Agency to optimize your HubSpot portal, train your team, and enhance your results.

    Do you ever find yourself watching cooking shows and daydreaming about how cool it would be to make something that good in your own home? It’s easy to be jealous of a TV kitchen, of course. They’ve got tons of counter space, professional appliances, the perfect ready-made ingredients, and everything else you need in perfectly accessible places.

    HubSpot is that kitchen. 

    Oh, you have HubSpot? Well gee, you’re already halfway there!

    The thing is, even if you have a dynamite cooking show kitchen at your disposal, it’s still up to each contestant to make their own meal.  Someone cleans up all those plates, pots, and pans after the show, too.  It must feel a lot less magical to actually be the person who’s put on the spot with all those fancy gadgets and “cold-smoked kippers” (whatever those are) and no concrete plan for what to make.

    Your HubSpot Partner is Bobby Flay.

    Why spoil it for yourself? A HubSpot Partner Agency is how you preserve the magic of the show. You can hire a designated champion to dive into the kitchen like Bobby Flay and conjure up the perfect entree for you to sample as an honorary judge. Oh, and no doing the dishes, either! Your partner’s got that covered.

    A HubSpot Partner Agency Helps You Lift Off

    Hire a HubSpot partner agency to get a team of professionals that are recognized by HubSpot as a master of the platform. They’ll know (and use) all of the most up-to-date tools, best practices, and methodologies to get the most out of your investment in HubSpot.  Your partner agency is an expert at:

    • Setting up your HubSpot portal
    • Building out sophisticated HubSpot marketing and sales automation
    • Integrating HubSpot with other platforms & apps (WordPress, Slack, Shopify, Databox, etc.)
    • Organizing your HubSpot deal pipeline
    • Maintaining, segmenting, and cleaning your HubSpot CRM
    • Publishing blogs, landing pages, social posts, and more through HubSpot
    • Monitoring, interpreting, and reporting on HubSpot analytics

    Basically, all implementation, optimization, and maintenance for your HubSpot software can be a breeze with the help of a knowledgeable and capable guide that’s done it before and isn’t afraid to dive into the weeds.

    You Can Trust Certified Professionals

    HubSpot partners undergo a rigorous training and certification process to prove their prowess in the HubSpot portal.  Their certifications showcase their ability to advise, coach, and grow businesses that are clients of HubSpot. Partners are even divided into a set of tiers — Partner, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite — that demonstrate the individual agency’s level of expertise.  A HubSpot partner agency earns these prestigious tier rankings through a number of measurements, including the retention of satisfied clients, total recurring revenue, level of HubSpot software usage, and other metrics that show success with inbound marketing.

    Certifications and partner tiers are the proof that your agency knows how to transfer all of your marketing, sales, and service processes into the HubSpot ecosystem, while also saving you money and enhancing the capacity of your internal team.  Don’t have an internal marketing team? No sweat. Hire a HubSpot partner agency to take on the job in full. HubSpot partners love to put in the elbow grease with their favorite platform—so you don’t have to!

    How You’ll Get More Out of the HubSpot Portal:

    1. Onboard Faster and Cheaper

    The mandatory one-time HubSpot onboarding fee for the HubSpot Pro ($3,000) and Enterprise ($6,000) plans can be a drag. In exchange for your money, you’ll get scheduled calls with a HubSpot rep who will let you know which things need to be done to get the most out of your HubSpot portal, but won’t do any of it for you. They’ll be available to guide you towards self-help resources, but at best this will get you a bare minimum understanding of what you’re doing and can take months to accomplish.

    A HubSpot partner agency will generally waive these onboarding fees. Better yet, they’ll actually do the work rather than highlighting priorities and linking you to instructions. Your agency goes into the back end of your portal for you to hook up every website subdomain, connect your social channels, integrate other software, and personalize everything for your brand and industry. This vastly accelerates the time it will take to get your portal up and running while also saving you a good chunk of change.

    2. Optimize, Customize, and Personalize

    HubSpot provides a ton of helpful default templates for landing pages, emails workflows, live chats, and more. But your company is not a “default.” To get the most out of your HubSpot portal, someone will need to put in the work building out things like custom email templates that fit the needs of your target audience, your product or service, and your strategic goals.

    Image Credit: HubSpot

    The data bears this out.  Over 12 months, HubSpot studied 93,000 calls to action created with their platform. The result? CTAs that were personalized to the user performed 178% better than a one-size-fits all approach.

    This is the perfect job to give your HubSpot partner! A partner agency doesn’t just attach everything for you on the back end of your portal during onboarding. They can also help you by making sure every automation trigger, web page template, and segmented email workflow is personalized to the specific needs and identity of your brand and your customers.

    3. Leverage Industry-Specific Expertise

    Go for a HubSpot partner agency that’s worked with a company like yours in the past. It’s easy to find partners that specifically serve your industry with a filtered search in the HubSpot Solutions Directory. It’s your HubSpot partner’s job to know your business—and how HubSpot works for it. 

    Image Credit: HubSpot

    After all, the sales pipeline for a corporate strategy consultancy is going to look a lot different from one for an electronics supplier, DUI attorney, or cannabis dispensary. An expert HubSpot partner agency will know what tools, automations, templates, and channels work best for your market niche and audience, and how to best leverage HubSpot for growth.

    4. Learn the Ropes As You Go

    It’s hard (and frustrating) to get going with a new tool that takes a lot of time and training. That’s why HubSpot took painstaking efforts to be as user-friendly as possible.  And here’s a fun tidbit: the simple layout and intuitive navigation were developed to be “so simple that even a drunk person could use it” with UX and UI research on an actual drunk person (veteran designer and all-around good sport Richard Littauer).

    Even so, most companies  come to the realization that they don’t have the right technical knowledge to get the most out of HubSpot. While the intuitive platform and loads of free training content make it easy to teach yourself to use the still takes time to learn the tricks of the trade. You might say that HubSpot is quick to learn, but takes real dedication to master. Like making sushi. Or playing chess.

    Don’t worry if you lack the time and resources to devote to a lengthy DIY training approach on HubSpot Academy. A certified HubSpot agency can take the wheel out of the gate and gradually train you up on what we’re doing, as we’re doing it.  Before you know it, your team will have mastered HubSpot too!

    5. Access the Newest HubSpot Features First

    You don’t need to devote time and mental energy to stay up to date on HubSpot’s newest features. Your HubSpot partner agency lives and breathes HubSpot every day. They’re constantly consuming information about the latest updates to keep serving you better even as you can focus on your own work.

    HubSpot’s partners are also usually among the first to get wind of the best new HubSpot features that are in development and being beta tested.  If there’s something coming down the pipe that will benefit your company, you’ve already got an ally calling HubSpot to unlock it for your portal.

    6. Keep Your CRM and HubSpot Portal Clean

    Remember how someone has to do the dishes after the cooking show? Don’t sweat it. That’s your HubSpot partner’s job. 

    Email lists naturally decay at a rate of about 22.5% per year. Your HubSpot partner agency knows how important it is to clean up your CRM database and weed out irrelevant, old, or poor-fit contacts on the regular. And this will save you money!  HubSpot’s pricing structure is based on the number of contacts in your database.  For example, if you're able to remove a total of 5k old or unengaged contacts from a HubSpot Pro account, that can save you $6k over two years.

    Your HubSpot Portal will need (at least) annual cleanups, too. All of the CTAs, landing pages, thank you pages, and more in your inbound infrastructure will gradually accumulate until you’re wasting a ton of time hunting through outdated, duplicated, or otherwise disorganized stuff.

    Rely on your HubSpot partner agency to keep things in order. With their help, you can deploy clear naming conventions, ensure all forms adhere to a consistent nomenclature, update old things to comply with new logos or company policies, clear out integrations with stuff you no longer use, and delete anything you no longer need.

    Looking for a HubSpot Partner Agency? Let’s Talk.

    Adopting HubSpot is exciting.  There’s a lot to be gained from the rich automation tools and carefully-tuned features of the HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and Service hubs. However, with a platform this flexible and powerful, you can only get out what you know how to put in.  Anyone can sit behind the wheel of a souped-up race car and take it out for a few joy laps, but you’ll need a professionally trained driver to win the Daytona 500.

    We’re ready to help. Market Veep is a Platinum-Certified HubSpot Partner Agency with over 100 HubSpot certifications across inbound marketing and inbound sales. Call us up or sign up for a free marketing assessment and we can show you more about how to maximize your HubSpot portal with marketing strategies that explore the full funnel.

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