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    By Jennelle McGrath in July, 2016 | 3 minute read

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    How to Use Facebook Live Marketing

    Don't be camera shy! Video marketing is taking the world by storm. Even if you don't have a production studio at your back, Facebook Live streaming is still an effective, personal way to engage with your customers. Here's how Facebook Live marketing can work for you.

    Marketing in the modern social media arena is strange and new territory for many. One of the newest, most interesting, and most potentially effective mediums of connecting with your audience is Facebook’s new Live Stream feature. Through your mobile device, laptop, or IP-based camera, you now have your own personal stage to push your message.

    So, what exactly does all of this mean for marketers? It means you can market in real-time with Facebook Live streaming on your devices. Read on to find out more:

    What Exactly is Facebook Live?

    As an answer to popular streaming platforms like UStream, Twitch, YouTube Live and others, Facebook released a brand-new product early last year called Facebook Live. It allows a recording device of your choosing — whether that be an honest-to-goodness camera, laptop, or mobile device — to upload a live, interactive broadcast to your Facebook audience.

    Here’s a broad layout of how to start your first Facebook Live marketing stream: from the status update menu, simply select the Record and share live video option and cover what you’ll be filming in the status update space. Once you choose your audience, you can go live as soon as you press the button!

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    Tips for Facebook Live Marketing Success

    1. Know Before the Cameras Roll

    One of the most important things that you need to do in order to gain and hold a customer’s attention is having a general guideline of what you plan to showcase in your Facebook Live marketing videos. That way, you’ll keep your message fresh and focused.

    Rambling, long pauses and other conversational taboos are, at times, unavoidable — however, if you have a storyboard or plan of action, you’ll cut these time-wasters out of your presentation significantly.

    2. Experiment With Different Interactions

    As your live video airs, what you do with it is your own artistic choice. Want to give a little insight to what you and your company do? Try a Q&A! Maybe you’ve just released a new product. How are you going to show off its killer features? Host a Facebook Live marketing demonstration.

    Or, if some exciting event has just unfolded that you absolutely must let everyone know about, why not have a live news report on it? Famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers have used their respective services to do live collaborations with fans. That would be an innovative, incredibly creative and personal way to share your product with the world. In the end, the choice is yours!

    3. Repurpose Your Content

    Your content doesn’t disappear once the Facebook Live Stream is over. In fact, if you revisit your Facebook timeline later, you’ll be able to edit the video, choose a thumbnail, and add great CTAs to drive traffic where you want it most.

    After you’ve polished the content, embed it in a blog post on your website, share it on other social media streams, or simply repost it on Facebook to those who may have missed it. That way, your Facebook Live marketing content will keep working for you long after the event has ended.

    Market In Real-Time with Facebook Live Streaming

    As Facebook Live is a very new platform, the vast majority of its uses and special features remain to be seen. Facebook and its suite of social media tools have a great development track record, bringing new features to each piece of their software as they become more popular. Keep an eye out for more game-changing features you can start using in your Facebook Live marketing efforts.

    And don't forget to market in real-time with Facebook Live streaming.

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