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    Picture of Jennelle McGrath
    By Jennelle McGrath in May, 2016 | 7 minute read

    Advertising - Facebook - Pay Per Click - Social Media

    The 14 Different Types of Facebook Ads You Need to Know

     Facebook has 14 types of ads that you should know about. They can help you get more likes, increase your follower count, and even convert visitors on the platform.

    On a platform as incredibly large as Facebook, standing out is the critical key to success in marketing. And why shouldn’t it be? Your business is as unique as you and the rest of your team are. To elevate your ads above the competition, you’ve got to target, and you’ve got to customize.

    Luckily, Facebook’s marketing team has developed 14 different types of Facebook ads to help your strategy. Give them a look and start creating harder-hitting ads right away:

    1. Page Post Engagement Ads

    So you’ve got great content – you’ve just not got a great way to show it off. That’s where different types of Facebook ads come in. When you pay for ad space to show off your latest business page posts, you get to choose your target demographic by age, interest, gender, and location.

    That means you’ll reach exactly who you want to connect with at exactly the right time. More engagement, more visibility, more growth for your business.

    2. Page Like Ads

    If you don’t have a huge follower base for your business page already, Post Engagement Ads won’t do a lot of good. What your business needs is a newer, larger customer base. If this sounds like you, then a Page Like Ad is the perfect tool for your business. Using Facebook’s suite of targeting tools, these different types of Facebook ads draw a larger audience with a more defined interest in what you’re offering.

    business promotion through facebook marketing

    3. Clicks to Website Ads

    Your social media presence isn’t the only thing tantamount to your business’s success. Its external website is likely at the heart of what you do online. That’s why the third Facebook Ad is such an important piece of your marketing toolset. By featuring your ad, a compelling picture or video, and a beautiful CTA button if you so choose, you’ll funnel the world’s largest collection of social influence to straight to your webpage.

    4. Website Conversions

    Facebook Page Insights are one of the greatest tools available for a social media marketing campaign. Facebook’s Website Conversion Ad utilizes the same awesome technology to learn more about how your campaign affects user choice on your own website. Simply create your Ad and then generate a pixel – a specialized piece of code Facebook uses to track certain actions for you.

    When you or your web developer adds this code to a registration page, checkout page, or other page worth tracking, Facebook will track those actions accordingly. That way, you’ll understand exactly what actions your ads are inspiring in your audience.

    5. App Install and Engagement Ads

    In recent years, Facebook has become much more than a simple social media site. It’s actually become the key to success for a lot of other apps and businesses. Here’s how: when you run an advertisement for your app on Facebook, you’re able to direct whoever clicks on it straight to an installation page or registration site.

    You’ll also be able to track what actions are taken from these ads, so you can tailor-fit your app to more closely align with your audience. When you couple these killer types of Facebook Ads with the indispensable demographic targeting tools Facebook offers, you’ll garner a huge user base in no time.

    6. Event Response Ads

    Got a party or grand opening coming up? Then this is one Ad you simply can’t go without. When you advertise your event through Facebook, your audience will be able to immediately add it to their calendars. What’s more, Insights will show you how well your event reached its target audience, and how much of that audience responded positively.

    Give your festivities a facelift and bring more people to your next event!

    7. Offer Claim Ads

    When you advertise a brand-new deal or discount on Facebook, you’ll get more people visiting your storefront by offering a small discount or free item with any purchase, while your customers will get the same great products you offer at a cheaper price.

    While this is an awesome way to get your existing customer base connected with you, why not put the same deal in front of a brand-new audience? People always say the first impression is the one that counts. When you give your new customers an even better reason to try your business out, there’s no better way to land a new, loyal customer.

    8. Video Views

    Engaging your audience with a dynamic, unique video is one of the best ways to garner new page likes and page engagement. Simply choose the Video Views objective in Facebook’s Ad Creation menu, and then upload it. After Facebook’s team reviews the content, it’ll be ready to deploy and start increasing your visibility.

    9. Local Awareness Ads

    Drive locals through your door like never before using Facebook’s Local Awareness Ads. It’s a safe assumption that your business relies just as much on physical engagement as it does digital. Why not let Facebook handle both?

    When you feature your business in a Local Awareness Ad, you’ll increase your customer base by providing your physical address, and even directions to your storefront. Radio, newspaper, or yellow page ads are great, but they’re simply not as immediate or accessible as a Facebook Ad is.

    So, take the guesswork out of your marketing campaign, and get the best of both digital and physical engagement with this great Ad style.

    10. The Carousel Format

    If you’ve got a lot to say with only a little space to say it, try a Carousel Ad! You’ll be able to showcase a whole bunch of your products in the same space as you’d use for one, for the same price. Whether you’re highlighting a single product in multiple ways, telling a story, or explaining a product’s features, Facebook’s Carousel Ads will really put your ad space to work for you.

    11. Dynamic Product Ads

    Why waste time and energy making thousands of different types of Facebook ads for each of your products when you’re trying to reach the same audience? Facebook’s made it much simpler for you to show off your variety of products. Simply upload your product catalog to Facebook’s Business Manager, along with all the info and pictures.

    Then, use the special customer pixel we mentioned earlier on your website. Later, depending on the previous actions of your customers, you’ll be able to show off products specific to what they were interested in at the start. You’ll be gaining valuable insights on your market while catering great content that matters to them!

    12. Slideshow Ads

    If you’ve got an awesome story, but a limited budget on how you can tell it, take Facebook’s Slideshow Ads for a spin. With these different types of Facebook ads, you’ll be able to leverage the same great qualities of video ads for a fraction of the costs.

    What’s more, your customers will be able to view your slideshow even if they have a low-bandwidth connection! That way, your content will be available at the tap of a screen or the click of a mouse, no matter where your audience is.

    13. Lead Ads

    Contact forms are a huge part of your business. From service quotes to personalized brochures, offers, opt-ins for email marketing campaigns or newsletters, and more, you want such a vital connection to be easy to make. Facebook’s Lead Ads are a great way to ensure your customers can effortlessly connect with you, benefiting both them and you.

    With a huge array of customization options, you’ll get exactly the information you need from exactly who you need to know about.

    14. Canvas Ads

    The ultimate tool in mobile Facebook marketing, Canvas Ad space will show your business off in a completely new, unique and dynamic way. These awesome ads allow your customer to enjoy tons of content in Carousel Format; naturally view a panorama with tilt functions; and get up-close-and-personal with zoomable, high-definition product views.

    You’ll be able to tell your brand’s story in a whole new way.

    Leverage the Different Types of Facebook Ads

    Choose the ad types that work best for your business. For example, if you're a B2B business, you may want to look into Lead Ads. Your customers likely have a longer buying cycle than those of a B2C business. Therefore, you'll need forms to capture their contact information so you can nurture them later.

    If you're a B2C business, you'll want one of the types of Facebook Ads that sell quicker, such as Dynamic Product Ads. Whatever you choose, don't forget Facebook when you're planning your next ad campaign!
    business promotion through facebook marketing

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