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    By Jennelle McGrath in June, 2017 | 4 minute read

    Social Media

    Your Business on Social Media: Examples of How to Do it Right

    Companies are finding interesting ways to marketing their business on social media. Sometimes, the best way to apply your own strategy is to learn from the best.

    If you want your business to thrive, you need to be present on social media. You may already know that, but what you might not know is how you do it. Focus on what some of today’s most successful brands are doing with their social pages. Here are five business on social media that do it right.

    1) Citibank US

    Do social media marketing on Facebook to broadcast your content

    Nowadays, a person’s Facebook feed is the modern newspaper. It’s an optimal place to get your brand noticed. The Citibank US Facebook page is a perfect example of what it looks like when you market your business on social media. They consistently post relevant content that’s optimistic, upbeat, and human. They focus on people instead of product. Citibank US shares articles, event coverage, and even celebrity endorsements. They also post a variety of high-quality media like photos, videos, and gifs, which are powerful engagement tools.

    The Citibank about page contains all the information a curious lead would look for: what they do, their timeline, how many customers they serve, and their company’s milestones. If information can’t be found here, they provide the direction needed to find it. Citibank already had pre-existing brand recognition, but it’s their consistent attention to their Facebook page that resulted in over a million likes and follows. That’s attention that strengthens their brand.

    2) Wireless Week

    Twitter can seem intimidating, especially to someone that has never used it before. However, it’s one of the best ways to connect and form a relationship with your customers. Wireless Week is a great B2B publisher that knows how to tap into their audience on Twitter. Their focus on tech is clear, thanks to the cover photo, and they even have an easy-to-find link to their website.

    Do social media marketing on Twitter to start a conversation

    They’re tweeting multiple forms of media and providing interesting commentary on articles they share. Their tweets and commentary are short and to the point, encouraging users to interact without fear of going over the character limit. Speaking of users, Wireless Week regularly tags users and other handles. They reach out and start conversations of their own, which is one of the best ways a business on social media can connect with their audience. As for the page itself, you can tell they focus on tech and tech users because of the photos they share, leaving no user second guessing what their page is about.

    3. Adobe

    Do social media marketing on Instagram to build your brand

    At first glance, it may seem impossible to promote your product or service on Instagram. How can you share a picture relating to business without seeming like a pushy ad? Adobe knows how to do social media marketing on Instagram. As simple as it sounds, all you have to do is share something interesting.

    The software they sell (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) is all about art and creation. Instead of explaining it, they just show it. Adobe’s Instagram is full of beautiful pictures and spreads made with their software.  All of it is user generated. Instead of selling their product, they sell the experience of using their products. If users want to learn more, they can click the website link provided in the bio.

    4. GE

    do social media marketing on LinkedIn to build a network

    LinkedIn is the place to be for any business that’s focused on marketing to other businesses, but how do you do it? You hone focus on your industry, what your business does and how you do it well. On LinkedIn, GE focuses on technology, innovation, and their people, all while being approachable. They share content that’s reliable, interesting and relevant to their business. They stand out as a unique business on social media because they present themselves as a community that works together and they make it clear what services their company provides.

    5. Microsoft

    do social media marketing on YouTube to get people engaged

    YouTube is great for SEO, but you might not know exactly how to tap into it. Many B2B channels post instructional videos or product demos. Videos like these are lower-budget and are an easy way to get your brand noticed. If you’re a bigger company, it might be worth it to explore other avenues of content creation.

    Take Microsoft. Microsoft creates a lot of videos that are interesting, entertaining, and informative. They may make a video that features an entrepreneur and their journey creating a business, but they present it in a way that ties into the Microsoft brand. They also use their channel to promote new products, conferences, and events. Microsoft even has their other social icons and a website link on their channel banner. Overall, their high-budget YouTube content really gets users interested and successfully starts conversations.

    Do Social Media Marketing Right

    Figuring out how to do social media from a business perspective might seem difficult, but if you think it over and come up with a strategy, it can greatly strengthen your brand. Don’t be afraid to get creative with how you define your business on social media. These platforms were built for wit, humor, and inspiration.

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