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    By Emma Berry in September, 2018 | 5 minute read

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    Benefits of Instagram's Newest Feature: IGTV

    With over 800 million users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. It’s newest feature, Instagram TV, gives content marketers a new opportunity to show off their creativity and reach a new audience.

    Instagram’s newest feature, IGTV or Instagram TV, launched June 20, 2018. Since its launch in June, it has become increasingly popular with social media influencers, users, and marketers. Instagram TV presents new opportunities for influencers and marketers to create a new type of content for their followers.

    In short, IGTV allows you to create more long-term videos that you can post to the complementary IGTV app. The IGTV app can be accessed by an icon that is located on the top right corner of your Instagram feed.

    Any chance to create a new form of content might be worth looking into and adding to your content marketing strategy. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, which makes IGTV that much more appealing to content marketers.

    Let’s look more specifically at what IGTV is and what it offers.

    What is IGTV?

    IGTV or Instagram TV allows Instagram users to create longer videos to post to the complementary IGTV apps. Videos posted on IGTV can be up to one hour long in length and are meant to be filmed vertically.

    The videos are posted vertically on your phone to mimic how you actually hold your phone. Unlike videos that you post to your Instagram feed, these videos are meant to last a lot longer than just one minute.

    The creators on IGTV make-up all the different channels. Each creator is a different channel. Content on your IGTV feed pops up based on your followers and your likes. However, users can also discover more from the “For You”, “Following”, “Popular”, and “Continue Watching” pages.

    Users are also able to comment and like IGTV videos, and send them through friends in a direct messaging system.

    How to Use IGTV

    Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to use IGTV. There’s only 4 Simple Steps.

    1. Download the IGTV App and log in with your Instagram account.

    Instagram TV App

    Image: Instagram

    2. Create your own channel.

    Instagram TV Create Your Channel

    Image: IGTV

    3. Start creating content.

     Instagram TV Content

    Image: HubSpot Instagram

    Despite IGTV being available for users to watch on the Instagram app, you do have to download the individual IGTV app to start creating content for your followers. You should already have an Instagram account to start using the IGTV feature.

    When you create your own channel, all of the videos you create will be housed on your channel. Users will be able to search your channel and find all of your amazing content in one location.

    Benefits of IGTV for Content Marketers

    According to Instagram, by 2020 mobile video will make up 78% of mobile data traffic. Creating video content for your customers is now becoming more and more important for your brand.  IGTV allows your company to jump ahead of the game and start creating better, longer video content for your followers.

    Let’s take a look into some of IGTV’s benefits.

    1. Use it to expand your audience.

    IGTV is just another platform to reach new audiences. Instagram users now have a higher chance of coming across your company when you use a new form of content to market your product or service.

    Your current followers will also have easy access to all of your IGTV content through the “Following” page on the app. They’ll easily be able to spread any creative and engaging content they enjoy to people they know by using the Direct messaging feature.

    2. It gives you an opportunity to show off your content marketing skills.

    IGTV allows you to create videos that last up to an hour long in any type of format you want to create in. Unlike videos you post to your Instagram Story or Profile, you pretty much get free reign on the content you create.

    You can use this new feature to give a better behind-the-scenes look at your company or interviews with your employees. You could also use IGTV to show off new products that haven’t been released yet. Or you could create longer tutorial and how-to videos for your viewers. The opportunities for creativity are endless.

    3. Use it to repurpose your existing video content.

    Chances are, your company already has some great video content that you post to your website or maybe even a YouTube channel. Now you can re-post or repurpose that content on your IGTV page.

    This gives your followers access to content they might not have discovered from you already. Reposting some of your top-performing video content will boost your overall content marketing performance. It will also give you a chance to reach an audience that hasn’t visited your website, but follows you on Instagram.

    IGTV can prove to be beneficial to add to your content marketing strategy, especially if you’re looking for new opportunities to create engaging content for your customers.

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