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    By Don Granese in November, 2018 | 3 minute read

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    Becoming a Marketing Hero: Tips to Pinpoint Your Brand Uniqueness

    What does it take to be a marketing superhero? There are simple steps everyone must take to focus their brand. You don’t want to cast too small or too large of a net. Beyond your basic abilities you’ll learn to strengthen your marketing superpowers. These are the concepts you’ll want to keep on hand when trying to pinpoint what makes your business unique and exciting.

    So, you think you’re one of a kind? You very well may be. Does your intended client know it yet? Your brand can always benefit from sharpening your uniqueness factor. Think of your company like a superhero from a big budget movie. Your customer is in need of some kind of saving. What are your superpowers?

    Power of Brand-Awareness

    Most companies have some kind of motto, mission or inspiration they draw their marketing powers from. It may be the very same idea that inspired the creation of the company. Market Veep is “Marketing Made Human” so we work to put a feeling of real human interaction into our business interactions. If you haven’t already you should consider a personal motto of sorts that you want to be known for and then work to prove that concept every day. The Green Lantern is known to remind himself “No evil shall escape my sight.” Everyone could benefit from a mantra or two.

    Power of "Why" Actions

    Put that motto to work. Be sure to remind yourself daily why you want to help your customers. Next, try to consider how you can turn that "why" into a daily action. It could be in an email interaction, a conference call or personal interaction. If you got into this business to help people, make a clear choice to actively help a few people today the best way you can.

    Power of Knowing Your Enemy

    Every hero needs a villain. Have you targeted the things you don’t want your business to become? Remind yourself that every day is a fight to prove to the people you serve that you’re worthy of being their hero. For example, if your customers are sick of not getting through to customer service with other brands then make that your new superpower. You can harness the strength of an easy to use chatbot on your site or an instant messaging system that immediately gets people in touch with you.

    Power of Evolution

    Know when it’s time to grow. You were probably clear about what made your company unique when you first started it. As markets become saturated and competition gets fierce you may start to blend in. Force yourself to consider new ways to electrify your customer base by letting them in on more of your process. Would customers appreciate new kinds of content marketing, like a monthly vlog or a slideshow on social media? Don’t be afraid to try new things.

    Power of “Something Extra”

    Bank tellers have bowls of candy at their windows for kids. Hotels put mints on pillows. These are simple ways of showing customers they’re willing to put in the extra effort to make them comfortable. This could be your signature move. It could be the thing your business is most known for because it’s memorable. A little “something extra” may go a long way.

    Power of Personality

    It’s easier said than done. Some heroes are shining examples of justice like Superman while others lurk in the shadows like Batman. No matter how they conduct their business the most unique and exciting brands use their personality as a strength. The value of your product is how you use consumer wants and needs. Sell the idea that you have what your competitors don’t. Not only do you have the services that are custom to your ideal customers but you have a way of doing your business that stands out.

    Your unique brand can have many layers just like any good emotionally complicated yet stunningly strong superhero might. The true power lies in how you use those layers and those unique skills to your benefit. You may just find yourself acquiring new superpowers and a ton of new customers along the way.

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