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    Nina Deuterio

    Nina grew up in a small town in Massachusetts where she was always crafting up an art project, playing outside, or reading the latest mystery or adventure series. Her love of art soon moved onto the computer, where her passion for graphic design began. As a graphic designer at Market Veep, she solves client’s design challenges with functionality and style. When Nina is not at work, she enjoys going on adventures to new places, spending time with family, and playing fetch with her cat.

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    Why Brand Identity is the Key To Your Success

    Picture of Nina Deuterio
    By Nina Deuterio in August, 2018 | 6 minute read

    Creating a cohesive and consistent brand identity for your company will boost your success in a world of inconsistencies related to design. Stand out from your competitors by using design to its fullest potential.

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    How To Design a Strong & Memorable Logo in 7 Steps

    Picture of Nina Deuterio
    By Nina Deuterio in July, 2018 | 6 minute read

    Logos are sometimes the most overlooked and yet overthought element in a brand. When designed well, your logo will complement your company brand. When not designed well, your logo can negatively impact everything your brand stands for.

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