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Cenker Inanoglu

Cenker grew up in an industrial town on the Black Sea shore in Turkey, where he spent most of his time playing soccer and jamming out with his band mates. He became interested in web development in high school and built websites for his family and friends. After earning his Bachelor's degree in Econometrics, he realized he wanted to do web development for a living, so he earned his Master's degree in IT from SNHU. As a web developer at Market Veep, he spends his whole day creating mobile-friendly websites, templates, and landing pages on different platforms. He enjoys playing the guitar, watching movies, and visiting state parks during his free time.

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SEO Attributes Your Website is Missing

Picture of Cenker Inanoglu
By Cenker Inanoglu in October, 2018 | 7 minute read

Not every business is aware that they are missing important SEO attributes on their website. Adding these attributes and updating your SEO strategy can help you speak better to today's search algorithms and rank better in search engine results.

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