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    Bill Viau

    Bill grew up a few blocks from the roaring rollercoasters of Canobie Lake Park in Salem, NH, and spent his teenage years writing elaborate histories for D&D campaigns he ran with friends. A bachelor’s in theatre history and literature, followed by a master’s in teaching, led him back to his hometown to teach performing arts and humanities for the next eight years. Eventually, Bill’s lifelong passion for writing brought him into the private sector, where he now applies his talents as a Content Writer for Market Veep. When he’s not moonlighting as a Shakespearean actor, Bill can usually be found cruising on his motorcycle or playing hide and seek with his identical twin daughters.

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    Lofty growth goals are more than just pipe dreams.  With smart integration of marketing and sales enablement best practices, growth dreams are becoming growth realities for more and more companies every year.  This seismic shift in the sales...

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    Automation has transformed the way consumers interface with companies that sell the products and services they need.  This has made the sales pipeline feel like a sales escalator—prospects step on and let the automated process carry them to the...

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