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    By Emma Berry in October, 2018 | 6 minute read

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    9 Social Media Management Tips to Keep You Organized

    Social media marketing is more important than ever. With companies using multiple social media platforms, it’s hard to manage all of the incoming content requests. In order to keep your social media manager and team organized, take a look at these 9 social media management tips.

    Managing social media is becoming more and more difficult. When you’re posting to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest it’s hard to keep track of all your social media content. Being a social media manager requires a lot of organizational skills.

    Not every company is on every social media site out there, but it’s extremely likely that your company’s social media manager is managing more than one social media account. That’s an overwhelming amount of work.

    Social media managers consistently create content across social media accounts, stay up-to-date on trends, keep up with social media requests from different departments, and respond to any messages, mentions, or comments.

    The key to social media management is staying organized. If you can’t stay organized, then you can’t keep up with all of the content, tasks, trends, goals, and messages. Here are some social media management and organization tips that will help you keep up with your social media duties.

    how to monitor social media 10 minutes a day

    1. Develop a strong social media strategy.

    In the age of social media, it is absolutely crucial that your company develops a strong social media strategy. Your social media manager and team should outline specific goals and objectives for your company on social media. Then, develop a plan outlining the steps you’ll have to take to achieve your goals and objectives.

    Not only will creating a social media strategy help keep your team organized, it will also increase overall productivity. You’ll want to create individual plans for executing your goals, but having a strong overall social media strategy will keep your team on track.

    2. Consistently update your content calendar.

    First, you should create a content calendar to keep track of all the different posts you have to create for your different social media accounts. Planning out your social media content can take up some time, but you’ll be happy that everything has a set date to be published.

    Your content calendar should be a little flexible because not everything is always going to be set in stone. There’s always a possibility you’ll have to move some things around.

    The key to a successful content calendar is consistently updating it. You’re always going to be generating new types of content for different platforms, so you want to make sure your calendar matches what you’re publishing.

    3. Schedule your posts ahead of time.

    Scheduling your posts ahead of time will make it easier to focus on the other important tasks that you have to accomplish throughout the week. It will save you more time if you group your posts and schedule them beforehand, so you don’t have to worry about posting individually every single day.

    Not only will scheduling your posts save you some time, it will also space out all of your content on different social media platforms. You don’t want to post too little or too much. Scheduling your posts will allow you to see the best times for posting on different platforms.

    Some social media platforms have tools for scheduling out posts, but it’s much easier with an all-in-one tool like HubSpot or Hootsuite. These tools let you schedule posts to all your platforms in one location, so you won’t have to switch between platforms!

    4. Know reliable sources to keep you up-to-date on social media trends.

    Part of the job as a social media manager is to know the latest trends. Your social media platforms will flourish and grow if you keep up with the most valuable trends. Social media is constantly changing, and you have to figure out the best places to go to get updated on the most recent news and trends.

    Subscribe to some industry related blogs that will consistently post news on updates to social media for your industry. The trends can change overnight, so you want to have tools available for your social media team that will keep them updated.

    5. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of your company’s social media requests.

    Different departments of your company are going to have different social media wants, needs, and requests. To keep track of what everyone wants, put together a spreadsheet to keep track of all of the different social media requests.

    To make it even easier, create a shared Google sheet where everyone can go in and request a social media promotion. Ask everyone to put in their request, what date they would ideally want it published, what campaign it’s for, and what they’d ideally want the post to say. You’ll then be able to go into spreadsheet and then approve everything.

    6. Set a time limit for each task.

    Giving yourself a time limit for each task will increase your productivity. Scheduling out how much time to spend on every task will make juggling your daily to-do list a lot easier. Think of a time limit as a mini-deadline for each task that you set for yourself.

    You shouldn’t have to dedicate long amounts of time for each task because you won’t finish everything in a timely manner. Setting a time limit for your tasks will also motivate you to focus and get all your tasks done.

    7. Create a ‘Social Media Content’ folder for your email.

    If you manage social media, you probably get dozens and dozens of emails a day. Co-workers from different departments are probably sending you different pieces of content that you have to go through.

    To make going through all of your emails a little bit easier and more organized, create a ‘Social Media Content’ folder specifically in your email. Then you can move all of your content-related email into a specific folder to have everything in one place. You just have to make sure to consistently update what’s in the folder.

    8. Keep up with all your emails.

    You really should keep up with all of your emails that people are sending you. Consistently check and respond to your emails. It’ll make it easier to organize all of the content people are sending you. Try your hardest to read your emails as they come in so you can sort them into the proper place.

    Also, if you subscribe to any industry blogs, you want to make sure you’re updated on the latest news so you can keep up with any new social media trends.

    9. Have a synced to-do list on all your devices.

    Creating a daily To-Do list and even a weekly To-Do list will help keep you organized. Once you create your To-Do list (or lists), you should sync this list across all your devices. There are tons of super helpful To-Do list apps that you can sync across all your devices.

    Wunderlist is a really good app that you can download on all of your devices that will sync all of your daily To-Do lists. If you have access to your lists everywhere you go, you’re less likely to forget what you have to accomplish during the day and during the week. With Wunderlist, you can also share your To-Do lists with other people and collaborate through the app.

    Keeping up with all of your company’s social media content and requests can be really difficult. Hopefully, these 9 social media management tips will help you stay organized.

    How to monitor social media in 10 minutes a day

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