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    By Sam Meza in February, 2021 | 4 minute read


    50x52: Thank you to the heroes at Beth Israel Lahey Health! + Karuna Center for Peacebuilding, May Institute, Ferocious Fighters, and The Decibels Foundation

    Cupid’s arrow isn’t the only thing spreading love around here! The organizations below do an exceptional job of spreading joy, empowerment, and love. That’s why they’re this month’s 50x52 featured donation recipients! Learn more about our 50x52 project here.

    Beth Israel Lahey Health

    Mission: To provide extraordinary care, where the patient comes first, supported by world-class education and research.

    Beth Israel

    “My sister works at Beth Israel. During covid especially I have been so inspired by the nurses and doctors courage, positivity, kindness and selflessness. It truly is a field where they should get more recognition for being amazing humans.” - Jennelle, CEO of Market Veep

    Beth Israel Lahey Health is at the forefront of medical research, education, and treatment. This world class medical center has been a leader in the fight against the coronavirus, conducting diligent research and COVID trials. Beth Israel Lahey Medical exemplifies all of our core values: Be Human, Stay Curious, Rooted in Help, Love What You Do, Build Together, and Delight Through Experience!

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    Karuna Center for Peacebuilding

    Mission: To empower people divided by conflict to develop mutual understanding and to create sustainable peace.

    karuna center

    The Karuna Center for Peacebuilding embodies our core value to Be Human. While social, political, and ethnic divides may seem insurmountable, there is undeniable hope and progress brought forth by the exceptional work done by the Karuna Center, including facilitated dialogue, inclusive governance, and prevention of violent extremism.

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    May Institute

    Mission: May Institute proudly serves individuals across the lifespan with autism, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities, neurological disorders, and behavior disorders to promote independence, choice, dignity, and respect.

    Put simply, the May Institute is dedicated to changing lives. We especially love their positive and inclusive culture, and relate our core values to Love What You Do and be Rooted in Help to their ideal that “when you dedicate yourself to helping others, you'll be surprised at what you can learn about yourself in the process.”

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    Ferocious Fighters

    Mission: To create community and support for families of young people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) all around the world.

    ferocious fighters

    Ferocious Fighters began with the heartwarming story of a young boy named Patrick who turned his diagnosis into an opportunity to help other young people with CRPS. The non-profit now sends care packages all over the world and facilities an online and in-person support community for children, teens, young adults, caregivers, and families. Ferocious Fighters truly shows what you can accomplish when you Build Together!

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    The Decibels Foundation

    Mission: The Decibels Foundation’s mission is to provide specialized early intervention, educational services, family support, and access to essential technologies for children who are deaf and hard of hearing from infancy through high school. 

    the decibels foundation

    From hosting events for families to leading training sessions for educators, The Decibels Foundation is committed to spreading support, love, and opportunities throughout the deaf and hard of hearing community. They’ve also compiled a list of Remote Learning Resources to help families and educators alike adjust to our new normal during the pandemic. The Decibels Foundation is unquestionably Rooted in Help!

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