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    By Mike Rand in March, 2018 | 12 minute read

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    Understanding HubSpot Pricing: Pros, Cons, and Where to Start

    HubSpot offers free tools and reasonably priced packages for businesses of all sizes. HubSpot pricing differs per package. If you sign up for HubSpot through a HubSpot agency partner, you get a number of other benefits.

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    If you’re thinking about stepping up your marketing with HubSpot, you’re looking in the right direction.

    For the last decade or so, HubSpot has established itself as an authority on inbound marketing. In fact, they basically pioneered the idea that marketing should be helpful, not disruptive.

    To help people do inbound, HubSpot offers a combined sales and marketing CRM. This platform enables you to market at every stage of the inbound marketing methodology.

    The Inbound Marketing Methodology HubSpot PricingYou can use it to attract visitors, convert leads, close deals, and delight your customers.

    But the price you pay will depend on a few factors, such as the package you choose and the number of contacts you have. HubSpot isn’t necessarily for every business. There are a lot of things to consider, like the size of your company, your sales process, your buying cycles and the amount of time and effort you can spend on marketing activities.

    If you sign up for HubSpot through an agency partner, your agency will kickstart your marketing. You can take advantage of everything HubSpot has to offer immediately.

    This guide will help you sort out the details of HubSpot pricing*, so you can select the best option for your business.

    *Note: The price you pay for HubSpot software may differ from the prices listed here. You may have to pay additional fees for more contacts or additional services, for example. HubSpot’s prices may change. Contact us to get an exact price quote.

    HubSpot COS and Website Tools

    HubSpot’s Free Tools

    HubSpot offers free versions of all their software. Combined, you can get a free CRM, a free marketing hub, and a free sales hub.

    CRM Free:

    • Contact management
    • Gmail & Outlook integration
    • Contact & company insights
    • Companies
    • Deals
    • Tasks

    Marketing Hub Free:

    • Lead analytics dashboard
    • Lead flows
    • Contact activity (limited to 7 days)
    • Collected forms
    • Contact management
    • Contact & company insights

    Sales Hub Free:

    • Gmail & Outlook integration
    • Contact management
    • Contact & company insights
    • Email scheduling
    • Email tracking & notifications (limited to 200 recent email opens)
    • Documents (up to 5)
    • Email templates (up to 5)
    • Calling (15 minutes per user per month)
    • Meetings (maximum 1 personal meetings link)
    • Canned snippets (up to 5 per account)
    • Reporting (canned reports on 1 dashboard)

    These are great tools for individuals, small businesses that are just starting out, or anyone else who just wants to give it a try.


    For the unbeatable price of $0 and the occasional marketing email from HubSpot, you get HubSpot’s core features: a CRM, HubSpot Marketing Hub, and HubSpot Sales Hub.

    It’s free forever. This isn’t a limited-time free trial. Use it for as long as you like.


    These tools are extremely limited. There’s a cap on the number of contacts you can have before you need to start shelling out some dough.

    It’s a decent integration if you like the CMS, blog, and email tool you’re already using. But you won’t get many new capabilities or nearly as much data as you would with a paid package. 

    HubSpot Pricing: Marketing Hub

    This is where the magic happens (it feels like magic to us, anyway).

    The HubSpot Marketing Hub is your go-to place for inbound marketing. Before you select a package, identify exactly what you want to use HubSpot for.

    If you think you’ll use all its features, advanced packages of the HubSpot Marketing Hub could be of huge value to your business. Some of the larger packages can get expensive, but it’s worth the cost if you’re serious about inbound marketing.

    When you sign up for HubSpot through an agency, you get more than just a CRM and a toolset. You’ll have an agency team to answer all of your questions, provide ongoing support, and implement your marketing plan using HubSpot’s tools.

    Marketing Hub Starter: $50/Month

    This package has a few more bells and whistles than the free version, but not a lot more. If you tried the free version and you liked it, you may be ready to move up to Starter.

    What You Get:

    • Everything from the free package, plus...
    • HubSpot branding removed
    • Custom form fields
    • Phone & email support

    Small businesses, individuals, and those who are just starting to do inbound may choose to stick with this package for a little while.


    The price is super-affordable. It’s billed monthly, so you can slide it into your regular expenses. You get everything you did with the free version with one big addition: custom form fields. These fields make it easier to segment your leads.


    The Starter option doesn’t offer a whole lot more than the free version. You get a little insight into your leads and how they interact with your website, but no other capabilities. It has no blogging or email marketing app, so you must do those activities externally.

    Marketing Hub Basic: Starting at $200/month with $600 Onboarding

    This is where things start getting interesting. The Basic Marketing Hub opens a whole new realm of capabilities for lead capture and lead nurturing.

    What You Get:

    • Everything from the Starter package, plus…
    • Blog & content creation tools
    • SEO & content strategy
    • Mobile optimization
    • Social media
    • Email marketing
    • Calls-to-action
    • Landing pages
    • Analytics dashboards
    • Standard SSL certificate
    • Subdomain availability (limited to 1 subdomain)

    To do inbound marketing right, you at least need Basic. Basic costs $200/month.


    Basic provides most of the tools that make HubSpot an all-in-one inbound marketing platform. With basic, you can blog, create landing pages, do email marketing, and capture leads with forms and CTAs.

    With this package, you can also sign on for add-on services. You can tie your paid ads into HubSpot, so you can see how much you’re spending on each lead and customer. HubSpot also offers premium services at this level and beyond. These all costs extra, of course.

    Basic is an excellent choice if you want to run a full inbound marketing campaign but aren’t ready to commit to a larger price tag.


    Basic has a lot of potential, but it’s still missing some of the more advanced features that make HubSpot great. If you want marketing automation, smart content, and custom reporting, you must upgrade.

    Marketing Hub Professional: Starting at $800/month with $3,000 Onboarding

    The Professional Marketing Hub is the best choice for small-to-medium sized businesses that are serious about inbound marketing.

    What You Get:

    • Everything from the Basic package, plus…
    • Marketing automation
    • Goal-based nurturing
    • Salesforce integration
    • Smart content
    • Attribution reporting
    • User roles
    • A/B testing

    This is the package we recommend to most our clients. Starting at $800/month billed annually, it’s affordable for most businesses and provides all the capabilities they need to grow.


    The most significant improvement over Basic is the addition of marketing automation. When you’re handling hundreds of contacts each month, you need automation to follow-up with them. The professional package lets you create workflows and automated emails, so you don’t have to spend hours doing manual work.

    The professional package also enables you to create “smart content.” Smart content changes based on who is viewing the email or web page. For example, if you sell a service, you might want a different message to display on your homepage for a current user, rather than the same message for current users and new visitors.

    This package is ideal for lead segmentation and goal-based lead nurturing. It lets you add a level of context to your marketing that’s unparalleled by any other platforms.

    All in all, this package lets you target your audience with unparalleled efficiency. Most of your inbound marketing is housed under one roof, making it easy to execute and analyze.

    With 1,000 contacts included, you have a pretty substantial contact limit as well. This can be upgraded if you ever go over your limit.


    Priced at $800/month, billed annually, the professional package is a financial commitment. Nevertheless, it’s well worth the cost.

    Marketing Hub Enterprise: Starting at $2,400/month with $6,000 Onboarding

    The Enterprise Marketing Hub is ideal for large businesses, corporations, and advanced marketing departments.

    What You Get:

    • Everything from the Professional package, plus…
    • Custom revenue reporting
    • Custom event reporting
    • Predictive lead scoring
    • Custom event triggers
    • Contacts reporting
    • Company reporting
    • Event-based segmentation

    This package adds a level of reporting that’s conducive to big businesses. With the addition of events, it’s ideal for companies that rely on events for a large part of their outreach and sales.


    This package contains everything HubSpot has to offer with the opportunity for add-on services. You get every marketing capability, as well as custom reporting, company reporting, AI features like predictive lead scoring, and event-based segmentation.

    Despite the high price tag, this package will pay for itself year after year if your large company has a dedicated marketing team. You can also work with a large agency to use it to its full capacity.


    You need some serious bandwidth to fully take advantage of this level of software. Enterprise is best-suited to large, advanced marketing teams at big businesses. 

    HubSpot Pricing: Sales Hub

    Unlike the Marketing Hub, HubSpot Sales Hub only comes in three packages: Free, Starter, and Professional. But HubSpot Sales Hub integrates seamlessly with HubSpot Marketing Hub. In fact, it’s not even an “integration,” per se. Marketing and Sales are two parts of a whole.

    Sales Hub uses the same CRM as the marketing side, which means your sales team has access to all the same data as your marketing team. When they reach out to a prospect, they already know what pages they’ve viewed, which content they’ve read, and what lead intelligence marketing has gathered.

    That means there’s no confusion about when a lead becomes sales qualified. The system scores leads automatically. Working in tandem with Marketing Hub, Sales Hub is the perfect tool for aligning your sales and marketing teams.

    Sales Hub Starter: Starting at $50/month and $50/month Per Additional User

    The Starter package is ideal for sales teams at small-to-medium sized businesses, especially those that are just starting out or liked the free version. It has all the features you need to conduct sales activities with none of the bells and whistles.

    What You Get:

    • Everything from the free package, plus…
    • Prospects
    • Live chat
    • Email sequences
    • Phone & email support

    Many small businesses stay with this package for a long time.


    It’s affordable, scalable, and a huge time-saver. You get everything you had with the free version. But you also get prospects, live chat, email sequences, and phone & email support.

    This is a great place to start if you have a small sales team, or if you want to get both your sales and marketing teams using HubSpot. Your first user is included in the package.


    Like the Marketing Hub Starter, you don’t have access to automation or smart content. If your team uses Salesforce, you’d have to upgrade if you want to integrate it. Predictive lead scoring isn’t in this package either.

    Sales Hub Professional: Starting at $400/month and $80/ month Per Additional User

    This is the largest Sales Hub package that HubSpot offers. There is not Enterprise package for the Sales Hub (yet).

    What You Get:

    • Everything from the Starter package, plus…
    • Teams
    • Multiple deal pipelines
    • Sales automation
    • Predictive lead scoring
    • Required fields
    • Products
    • Smart send times
    • Smart notifications
    • Salesforce integration

    This package is the best choice for large, advanced sales teams.


    You get 5 users with the starting price. This package contains everything HubSpot can offer for your sales team, with the option for add-on services.


    If you’re serious about inbound sales, this is the package you want. But the price an add up if you have a lot of people on your sales team. Companies that need an enterprise-level sales tool may prefer Salesforce. HubSpot markets this tool to companies that haven’t used a CRM before and to those who feel Salesforce is a bit too much for their needs.

    The HubSpot Agency Partner Program

    If you plan on working with a marketing agency and you’re interested in HubSpot, look no further than the HubSpot Agency Partner Program (yeah, we’re in there. Right here).

    HubSpot Certified Partner - Market VeepTo become an agency partner, an agency must be certified by HubSpot itself. Certification is more than just watching a few videos and taking a test, however. The agency must demonstrate that they know how to use HubSpot’s tools effectively by meeting specific goals, such as conversion and traffic rates.

    Once the agency is partner certified, they must take multiple tests to achieve certifications in specific areas. These include content marketing, email marketing, growth-driven web design, sales enablement, and more. HubSpot adds new certifications all the time.

    When looking for agencies in HubSpot’s database, you can view their certifications. Most agencies post these certifications on their website as well. Seeing these can help you choose which agency will work best for you. For example, if you really need to beef up your content, look for an agency that’s certified in content marketing and contextual marketing.

    Once you’re on board, your agency takes the reins, using the HubSpot platform to build and execute your campaigns. Your agency acts as your HubSpot consultant, replacing many of the add-on and premium service features available when you purchase a package directly.

    Here are some other pros to hiring a HubSpot Agency:

    • You get a measurable ROI
    • Your business gets cost-efficient marketing
    • You get access to the latest marketing technology
    • They’ll help you create an inbound marketing strategy from scratch
    • Your inbound marketing campaigns get up and running faster
    • They’ll run your inbound marketing campaigns from start to finish
    • They’ll align their marketing efforts with your sales team’s goals
    • You can delegate tasks instead of giving your own team more work
    • You’re free to spend time on other critical projects
    • Your team doesn't need to learn HubSpot top-to-bottom
    • You get a certified team of experts working for you
    • You get a team of consultants who can answer all your questions


    Doing HubSpot yourself gives you more control and will help you learn the software, but it’s a considerable investment of time and people-power. You may not be able to take advantage of all that HubSpot has to offer if you have limited time and resources. The choice is up to you!

    Where to Start with HubSpot

    To start, we recommend you reach out to a HubSpot agency partner and discuss your marketing goals..They’ll be able to tell you whether HubSpot is a good fit for your business. They can even set up a free demonstration with a HubSpot representative.

    Based on your goals and the size of your business, an agency will recommend which HubSpot product will suit your needs.

    Feel free to reach out to us with any HubSpot pricing questions here. Good luck, and happy HubSpotting!

    HubSpot COS and Website Tools 

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