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    By Mike Rand in November, 2017 | 3 minute read

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    Get Tons of Attendees At Your Next Webinar with These Tips

    There are two challenges to obtaining webinar attendees: Getting people to sign up and getting people to show up. To keep people interested, pick a must-know subject and keep in contact with those who register.

    Hosting a webinar can be tricky, but it’s helpful to think of it as if it were a typical in-person presentation. Doing so may make it easier for you to prepare. However, webinars are generally easier than in-person events because there is no stress over the venue, materials, or expenses. For a webinar, you just need to consider the topic, the presentation, and the attendees.

    Webinars have become a staple of effective marketing strategies. They allow a business to reach out to potential leads and share knowledge by entertaining them and creating an experience through the web. The hardest part? Filling up your attendee list and ensuring they actually show up.

    Thankfully, there are some strategies that can help you gain more attendees at your next webinar so you can convert them into customers or followers.

    The Ultimate Webinar Preparation Checklist

    1. Invite Well-Known Professionals

    Everyone has someone they look up to or have high regards for. Inviting a well-known individual or partnering with them will help you garner more interest in your webinar and gain attendees. Look for someone who is successful in your industry or successful in relation to your topic. This is a beneficial co-marketing tactic that will help your webinar and your network.

    2. Pick An Interesting Topic

    Most people won’t listen to something they aren’t interested in. If people lose interest in your presentation you won’t see many conversions. Pick a topic that attendees will want to learn about and can get excited about. Choosing something trendy or relevant to your industry will help gain attendees and conversions.

    3. Strategize When Picking A Day and Time

    The host of every webinar should know their audience and use that to their advantage. Choose a day based on your audience’s business schedule. What days are typically less busy than others?

    Check around and make sure there aren’t any other events going on that day within your audience. One might also consider if there will be multiple time zones attending the webinar, pick a neutral time for all.

    The day of the week may play an important role as well. Most people will be mentally checked out by the end of the day on Friday. Earlier in the week might be a better choice if you want to hold people’s attention, and it may also get you more attendees.

    4. Use Incentives

    People love free stuff! Give your audience an incentive for attending, such as free tickets to an event or a gift card. Follow up with them once they sign up for the webinar. Remind the registrants with a friendly email. This is a great way to promote your webinar and get the most attendees possible.

    If you’re asking your attendees to fill out a survey at the end of the webinar, you can make their free gift contingent upon the survey’s completion. That way, you’ll get your data, and your audience will leave with the information they sought and a smile on their faces.

    5. Choose the Goal of Your Webinar

    You can’t say whether or not an event was successful unless you have a definition of success. Choose a number of attendees as your goal then compare that with how many you receive once it is over. Track your progress of who is attending and make sure to reach out and thank them for tuning in!

    The Ultimate Webinar Preparation Checklist

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