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    By Mike Rand in October, 2017 | 3 minute read

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    Why Automation is Essential for B2B Email Marketing

    Automation is now essential for B2B email marketing because you can no longer compete without it. Automated email marketing saves vast amounts of time so your employees can focus on other tasks. It also enables you to hyper-target your emails and encourage high response rates. 

    “Marketing automation” refers to software that exists for the purpose of automating marketing actions. It makes your marketing processes faster and easier. Even with a small staff, you can generate more leads and get better results. "Email marketing automation" is another tool under the marketing automation umbrella, and it has become an essential tool in traditional B2B email marketing.

    What is Email Marketing Automation?

    “Email Marketing automation” refers to the software marketers use to send emails automatically to their leads, prospects, and customers. Automated emails are based on rules. Marketers can create email “workflows” that send specific types of emails to leads based on the leads’ behavior.

    For example, if someone signs up for blog updates, they automatically enroll in a workflow that sends them your latest blog posts. If someone fills out a contact form on your website, automated software sends them a confirmation email with a thank you message and the date and time they’ll be contacted.

    B2B marketers use automation software to automate tasks such as emails, social media posting, and website interactions. Marketing automation goes hand in hand with any inbound marketing strategy. It’s essential for B2B email marketing because it helps you do more with your existing resources. With automation, B2B marketers can track and stay in contact with hundreds or thousands of leads at a time.

    The Benefits and Best Practices of Email Marketing Automation

    How Does it Work for B2B Email Marketing?

    Personalizing messages and sending the right emails to the right people are vital for ensuring that your emails get opened and clicked. These tedious tasks are made easy with email automation software, which helps in B2B email marketing by delivering targeted messages and nurturing leads through the entire buying process.

    When someone gives a business their information, they are entered into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, or contact database, where all your lead data is stored. The software allows you to segment your leads based on their behavior and your lead intelligence. This makes it easy to make your emails personalized and consistent, which strengthens communication between business and buyer.

    The marketing automation system will recognize where and how each contact has interacted with your website, which tells you what they are interested in and who they are. You can then interact with those individuals based on which pages they’ve looked at, which articles they’ve read, and what actions they've taken on your site.

    B2B email marketing automation can improve lead generation and lead nurturing. But most importantly, it can increase sales revenue and improve customer engagement. Surprisingly, not everyone is using automation. In 2015, over 60% of marketers were using email blasts to stay in touch with customers, but only 13% were using automation software.

    Why Does Email Automation Work So Well?

    Email automation saves a lot of time, and not just for marketers. For salespeople, It can increase your reply rate and keep you organized by setting appointments or meetings automatically.

    Marketing automation allows a business to schedule everything prior to being sent out or posted. With the right software, you don’t need to go from one media platform to the next. You can coordinate every platform in the same space.

    Email automation helps B2B companies drive leads and cultivate business relationships. Your online audience will receive consistent news from your business without you having to do everything manually. You can even send emails and interact with contacts on weekends or after business hours.

    Get rid of repetitive tasks and market smart. Each email is an opportunity to move your leads closer to a sales call and purchase!

    The Benefits and Best Practices of Email Marketing Automation

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