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    By Jennelle McGrath in July, 2017 | 4 minute read

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    6 Marketing Hacks You Should Always Remember

    Sometimes, we make marketing more complicated than it needs to be. Automation and project management tools, among other hacks, make inbound marketing much easier.

    It's easy to fall into a pattern and miss the little things, but those little things can add up. When they add up, they can greatly impair your work performance and slow things down. Sometimes it’s important to take a step back and look for the solution you didn’t realize was right under your nose.

    Here are 6 easy marketing hacks to help make your day more efficient:

    1. Use Automation

    From a traditional standpoint, it might seem more efficient to post to social media or send emails individually and in real time. That way you know exactly what’s been sent out, right? The reality is, modern marketing is too complex and fast paced to handle those everyday tasks. With marketing automation, you can reach a 14.5% increase in sales and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

    Online services such as Hootsuite, Buffer, or Hubspot can provide marketers with an easy way to send mass messages across multiple platforms from one location. You can even schedule these messages in advance, giving you the opportunity to get it all done at once. The marketing industry is always changing and it’s up to marketers to stay on top of those changes. There’s a reason 91% of users agree that marketing automation is “very important.”

    2. Create Daily To-Do-Lists

    We all have to-do-lists. Some of them are more cluttered than we’d like to admit. But rather than focusing entirely on a 6-month marketing schedule, it can be helpful to break your projects into pieces. Make daily to-do-lists. Write them down on a notepad to keep track of them and check them off as you go. That way you can stay organized and complete tasks in a way that feels fulfilling. Setting daily goals makes for a better marketing strategy. And it shouldn't just be one of your marketing hacks; it should be one of your life hacks as well!

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    3. Keep Your Workspace Clean

    This tip applies to everyone. A clean office is a happy office. Marketing can be stressful. Juggling paperwork, browser tabs, marketing programs, and clients takes a lot out of you. If your work station is in a sorry state, it’ll only add to your stress.

    Keeping a clean office is worth the extra time. Working in a messy and cluttered space can distract you from the tasks at hand. Cleanliness and organization can help you achieve a healthy state of mind that can translate to more efficient and productive marketing. All it takes is an extra five minutes every day, as opposed to a whole 2 hours a month from now.

    4. Reuse Content (Within Reason)

    This is one of those marketing hacks that feels like a dirty little secret among content marketers. When it comes to social media, many companies think post sharing is a one-and-done deal. But if you create content that can easily maintain relevance in the long term, there’s no harm in sharing it again down the road. This obviously doesn't apply to things like news stories or other time-sensitive content.

    If you have something in your arsenal that still rings true months down the road, there’s no need to sit on it. Share it again! It’ll save time and may even appeal to your newer followers. Just make sure you aren’t sharing the same blog posts every week.

    5. Let Your Clients Speak for You

    Advertising your services is talking the talk, but can you walk the walk? Show everyone the good work you’ve done and display the respect you’ve earned from former customers. People are more likely to engage with your business if they’re confident in its potential.

    Customer testimonials and case studies are considered the most effective content marketing tactics by 89% and 88% of B2B marketers. A comprehensive case study with hard numbers that outlines the key landmarks of a successful project can get customers to take your claims seriously.

    6. Don’t Be Pushy

    Although you don't want your brand to fall into obscurity, you don't want to get anxious about it either. Many companies go overboard and push their marketing too harshly, which leads to annoyed and frustrated followers that could have otherwise been potential customers. If an individual clicks on your piece of content, they’re already interested in what you have to offer. There is no need to consistently pitch your product to them.

    Any sales pitches you want to put into content should be subtle, like a link or a “learn more” page. Rely on the quality of your content to do the work for you, not the frequency in which it appears in your leads’ inboxes and news feeds. Your followers are such because they’re interested in seeing what you have to say. It’s what you say that can determine a sale.

    Marketing Hacks -- Keep Your Head On Straight

    Marketing Hacks like these have been the saving grace for many modern marketers. All it takes is a few tiny changes to fix all the big “little” problems.

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