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By Mike Rand in July, 2017 | 4 minute read

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10 Easy Facebook Marketing Fixes That Make a Difference

Facebook may seem like an easy, low-stakes way to engage your customers, but it's easy to fall into Facebook snafus. Here are some fixes to some of the most common Facebook marketing problems.

Facebook is still going strong, boasting over 2 billion active users and making up the bulk of all social media logins. You’re probably already familiar with the platform and most likely have a profile yourself, but maybe you’re ready to start a business page? Or maybe you’ve had a Facebook page and want to liven it up a bit? Here are some helpful Facebook marketing fixes to improve your strategy:

1. Use Beautiful Profile & Cover Pictures

A good profile and cover image are both important to your company image on your Facebook page. You want them to be relevant to your industry, but also send a message. For example, the Facebook page of a bank should contain images relevant to the banking, but it should also convey some kind of meaning to a visitor. A picture of an ATM would technically be relevant, but a picture of a family buying their first home alongside a bank representative might be more compelling.

You want the profile picture to be recognizable. It’s the first thing users see and you want them to know exactly who you are as soon as possible. Companies commonly use their logo or some other identifying mark or symbol. If you’ve just launched a new premium product or service, you can switch your profile picture temporarily to highlight it.

Lastly, you want your pictures to be high in quality. Anything less seems unprofessional. Your pictures should be clear and properly proportioned.

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2. Write A Remarkable “About” Section

The “about” section is the first thing new visitors click on. It should give all the info a prospective customer would want to know, such as company overview, products or services, history, etc. It also helps to optimize the “about” section preview, making it short but descriptive makes for easier viewing.

This section gives you a chance to be creative with your Facebook marketing. Just how creative you get will depend on your business. Remember to write for your visitors and target customers. What values do you want to convey to them in your “about” section?

3. Create Milestones

Adding milestones allows you to provide notable accomplishments made by your company, such as awards, product releases, events, etc. As one of your Facebook marketing fixes Milestones creative a narrative for your visitors to follow and demonstrate that your business is anything but static. To add a milestone, click on the "Timeline" section of your Page, and click "Offer, Event +" in the page update composer near the top of the page.

4. Use Images & Video

People respond positively to images and video. Posts with pictures receive 53% more likes than regular posts and video makes up 7.15% of all reach on Facebook. Images and video tend to get higher levels of engagement than text alone. You can also use these mediums to convey messages that text cannot, like insights into your company culture and the events you host.

5. Share Interesting and Unique Content

As obvious as it sounds, sometimes it’s easy to forget that you're trying to peak the interest of your audience. Sharing anything you come across may keep our page active, but it’s important to remember the quality of the content you’re sharing. The content you share is a reflection of your Facebook Page itself. If you’re sharing 3rd party content, use trusted sources and read it before you post it on your page.

6. Remove Long URLs From Post Copy

Sharing links is a great way to get clicks, but remember to shorten your long URLs. Long URLs are distracting and take attention away from the post itself. Try to use thumbnail links with an image as much as possible. If you need to shorten a URL, try using Google’s URL shortener.

7. Seek Audience Engagement

If your page doesn't contain any comments or shares, remedy it with Facebook marketing fixes to your response policy. Never shy away from connecting with your audience. Encourage discussion and interaction by responding to visitors’ comments or by posting questions. It’s the interaction you receive on your page that can help you discover what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and what you can do in the future. It also helps you identify your audience. increase conversions, and provide customer service.

8. Respond To Messages Quickly

Responding to messages in a timely fashion not only helps your image but also your stance in the Facebook algorithm. In turn, Facebook marketing fixes like this one improve the results of your overall effort. Your response time will be live on your page, so your followers can see how quickly you interact with them. Responding to messages quickly turns your page into a customer resource: a destination users can visit if they need help.

9. Add a Call To Action

This feature was added fairly recently. It can greatly improve your page. You can choose from a variety of templates such as "Sign Up," "Shop Now," "Contact Us," etc. and give your company a chance to form leads. To learn more details, you can click here.

10. Create a Vanity URL

When you create a Facebook business page, it's randomly assigned a number and URL. It’s sort of like a default license plate containing random numbers and letters that you’d receive at the DMV. To optimize your Facebook marketing fixes and make your page easier to find, create a recognizable vanity URL. For example, here's ours: You can create a vanity URL here.

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