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    By Jennelle McGrath in July, 2016 | 2 minute read

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    Trusted Websites and What They Mean for Your Business

    Obtaining backlinks from trusted websites like Yelp, Angie's List, or other business directories can make you more attractive to search engines. They can also get you referral traffic from those sites. Just make sure your reviews are good!

    When was the last time you didn’t consult an online resource before making a purchase on the web? People use online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress more than ever. Some people use them exclusively for purchasing. When customers search for your business online, they may go to resources like Angie’s List, Google + Local, or Yelp.

    These are some of the most trusted websites online, and you should be on them.

    Maintaining a positive presence on these websites can make or break your customer relationships. It's important to understand how trusted websites work and what they mean for your business.

    Close Sales Faster

    Consider this: Almost 95% of consumers read online reviews on businesses during the sales cycle. More importantly, eight out of ten people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Short of word-of-mouth reputation, there’s arguably no other metric more vital to your success than your online reputation.

    Your customer interactions follow a pretty simple formula: customers tend to do the most business with companies they trust. When a majority of online reviews on your business are positive, those who have never dealt with you have a much higher incentive to do business with you. More trust, more customers.

    When you grow your client base, the opportunity for more positive reviews blossoms at the same rate. It’s a positive feedback loop that helps you introduce your company to more likely prospects.

    Gain a Competitive Edge

    According to recent surveys, a company’s star rating is the most important factor in a customer’s purchasing decision. That means a customer is more likely to pick your company’s services over a close competitor, given you have a higher star rating than they do on popular review sites. In highly-competitive markets, this is your best bet to beat out the competition.

    Keep Customers Coming Back

    Surprisingly, even if you don’t get all-star reviews, you may still be able to find a silver lining to your customer’s gloomy cloud of a review. In a recent survey, researchers found that 95% of customers that had a negative experience with your company will come back if the issue is resolved quickly and efficiently.

    When you manage your presence on numerous trust sites like the ones we’ve mentioned, you’re able to catch negative reviews when they’re new, solve the root of the problem and potentially change your customer’s mind about the previous exchange. In this way, sites like Yelp and Google + Local are more than just sources of testimonials - they also act as damage control for unhappy customers.

    Tie It Together with Trusted Websites

    So, statistically speaking, when you manage your brand on well-known trust sites, you’re almost certainly likely to witness a spike in customer acquisition and satisfaction. By encouraging positive reviews and making peace with the negative ones, you’re able to gain an important business edge on your competitors and establish trust with your target audience.

    Keep your eyes and ears open for customer reviews, and your business is sure to flourish!

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