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By Jennelle McGrath in May, 2016 | 3 minute read

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Ten Ways to Promote Your Blog Online

You'e written some great blog posts. If only someone would read them! You can use social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, and other tactics to get readers on your blog and convert them.

When you’re running dry on creativity and inspiration, finding great ways to promote your blog online can seem like an insurmountable task. Fortunately, we know of 10 ways to promote your blog online when you’re running on empty.

With a successful application, these tips will help you increase readership, garner more influence and become more visible on social media and other important platforms. Let’s do this!

How to Write an eBook web CTA

1. Promote Your Blog Online Through Your Own Site

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many blogs go unnoticed because of the location of their links. A great standard to follow is including a link to your posts near the top of each page, preferably in the navigation menu. It’s easy to skip a tiny link shoved down in a page’s footer, but much harder to ignore a prominent element in the header pointing to the same content. 

Nine times out of 10, the latter will see much, much more use.

2. Work Posts Into Landing and Thank You Pages

Landing and thank you pages are some of the best places to feature your latest content. After successful completion of a form or redirect, include links to blog posts relevant to what your lead just expressed interest in.

3. Capture Your Audience With Powerful CTAs

Do a quick analysis of your most popular pages, and place relevant calls to action to drive more traffic to your blog. Easy, simple, effective.

4. Create Keyword-Rich Content

If you’ve created highly-topical information in your blog, make sure you’ve targeted the copy effectively using plenty of keywords that may appear in a lead’s search engine queries. The more optimized your blog is for search engines, the higher you’ll be placed in the results, which means you’ll gain more readers.

5. Become a Social Networking Genius

Spending more than 20 minutes per day on Facebook, the average user is going to notice your company’s personality - or, heaven forbid, the lack thereof. The best way to get your audience’s attention on social media is to be personable and genuine in your interactions. Show your content to promote discussion, rather than merely for exposure. You’ll notice a huge difference!

6. Include Eye-Catching Images

It’s a known fact that psychologically, people are drawn to content with visuals more than plain text. Make the images relevant, tasteful, and even informational to experience a higher rate of engagement with your readers.

7. Write The Content You Would Read

If you’re not interested in your blogging topic, chances are your audience won’t be, either. It’s important to give something back to your audience in exchange for their valuable time. So, make your writing unique, well-researched, and even a little fun to attract readers.

8. Promote Other People's Content

I know - it hurts to hear, but for the majority of your audience, your niche topic isn’t the only one that interests them. To make yourself more visible, try sharing the content of other major bloggers and influencers. It’ll help both you and your fellow blogger!

9. Share Your Posts with The Right People

Doing a quick hashtag search on Twitter or trending topics on other social media networks will help you find a lot of people interested in exactly what you’re writing about. Why not share your latest work with these leads? If you’ve got quality content, they’re bound to love and share it!

10. Time the Release of Your Posts

Take note of when your audience is most active and plan your post schedule accordingly! That way, your relevant content will be placed at their feet right when they need it.

How to Write an eBook CTA

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