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    By Jennelle McGrath in May, 2016 | 2 minute read

    Email Marketing - Lead Nurturing

    Stay Connected With Email Marketing

    Most consumers and B2B decision-makers prefer to be contacted via email. Use email marketing to keep your business accessible and send personal messages to your leads.

    For all of the change that goes on in the digital realm, there are a few standbys you can count on. People love cat pictures and email is here to stay. In fact, the vast majority of internet users prefer communicating with businesses through email. They even prefer it over Facebook or other social media platforms.

    It’s no wonder so many businesses, large and small, rely on email marketing.

    You too can stay connected with email marketing. Here's how:

    1. Get Personal

    There’s a strange psychological quirk everyone suffers from called the Bystander Effect. It essentially states that the probability of someone acting on your call to action is inversely proportional to how many people are around them at the time of the request. So, by virtue of the differences between social media marketing and email marketing, you’re much more likely to convert through the latter.

    2. Stay Accessible

    Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established multinational brand, there’s little-to-no chance that you’re a stranger to email. The beauty of the medium is it takes minimal preparation and can produce amazing results from that small amount of effort. If you have the time and skill, you can even set up automated emails based on specific rules.

    These could be appointment reminders, transactional receipts, or automated lead nurturing workflows.

    3. Keep Organized

    Personally connecting with each of your individual clients used to be expensive and time-consuming. Not so today. With the advent of email marketing, you’re able to reach many more clients in a fraction of the time traditional methods require. You even have a record of your exchanges in an easily-storable format for later referral!

    4. Increase Your Visibility

    Users typically skip over passive marketing efforts. However, an email is typically much harder to ignore. When you reach out directly to your clients, you’ll engage them much more effectively and elicit a more pronounced response to your message.

    5. Compliment Your Social Media

    Sharing your newsletter or other content from your email campaigns with your social media followers presents a unique opportunity. You’ll be able to increase your campaign’s subscriber count, and sharing your social media info in your emails can help your social following grow, too. This leads to higher exposure and ultimately, a better chance to convert leads.

    Stay Connected with Email Marketing

    The reality is almost every device your audience members own is synced with their email inboxes. This means your marketing efforts are accessible anywhere, from any device. This will increase your chance of sales and help you stay connected with email marketing. With email analytics tools, you can even see how many messages have been opened to further optimize your calls to action and subject lines.

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