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    By Jennelle McGrath in May, 2016 | 2 minute read

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    Pinterest Marketing Tips: A Crash Course in Crafty Marketing

    Some businesses don't think you can use Pinterest for marketing. The trick is cultivating pins that relate to your business but are also of interest to other users, then tagging, commenting, and sending pins to users to spread awareness of your business.

    Ready to connect prospects and generate leads like crazy? It’s time you took a serious look at Pinterest marketing. Pinterest is often little more than an afterthought for many marketers. However, it has serious growth potential and it contains some prime social media marketing space.

    Before you can take advantage of the platform, let's go over a few Pinterest marketing tips:

    Welcome Aboard

    If you’ve never experienced Pinterest before, think of it as a digital community scrapbook. Based on your interests, you can search for bite-sized articles, data, pictures, and countless other forms of media to add to specialized collections called Boards. You can then share those boards and posts (called Pins) with your friends, coworkers, and family.

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    A haven for the unabashedly crafty, thrifty and unique, Pinterest has a user base distinct from any other social media site. User interactions are mainly through feedback on boards you’ve created or the inclusion of your content in someone else’s. With tons of categories and a huge audience for each one, you’ll find plenty of leads - no matter your niche.

    Collecting, Making, and Sharing Pins

    Your board can house any number of different pins. Millions of pages around the Web have the ability to be pinned to your board. If you ever find something you like while surfing, throw it onto a useful stuff board on your profile and share the knowledge with your followers! Pinterest also has a great system of pin discovery built-in to their website.

    Searching by keywords will give you interesting and relevant results, regardless of what you look up. If you want to share something that hasn’t made it online yet, the site even has a pin creation tool.

    What the Heck is a Rich Pin?

    Rich Pin is possibly the most useful Pinterest marketing tool. These pins have built-in extras not found in many others, such as location tagging, article inclusion, recipe and shopping features, and even movie info for film junkies. The content in these pins goes far beyond what a normal pin may contain in terms of information and usability.

    How Do I Continue Pinterest Marketing?

    The best way to create brand awareness organically on the site is to engage yourself with people that are interested in the same type of market. Send pins, Like a fellow Pinner’s newest addition to their board, Comment, and Tag users in Pins you think they’d like.

    To make your Pins stand out, add the necessary metadata to your site to “enrich” them with dynamic content (Pinterest has a step-by-step guide here).

    Pinterest Offers a suite of analytics tools and pin promotions similar to Facebook’s marketing toolset. Put your content in front of thousands of audience members by bidding on ad space. How much you choose to pay is up to you, depending on what kind of engagement you value.

    Once your campaign goes live, you’ll be able to track what’s working and what isn’t through the Pinterest Analytics tab.


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