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    By Jennelle McGrath in May, 2016 | 2 minute read

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    LinkedIn Ads: Your Secret Weapon for Marketing

    LinkedIn is the most popular social network for professionals. If you sell to other businesses, LinkedIn Ads are a powerful way to get your business noticed. They're a great compliment to your inbound marketing efforts.

    There’s no more popular B2B networking site than LinkedIn. When you market to prospects through LI, you’re opening your doors to a whole new stream of revenue. With organic lead generation, you’ll be able to attract contacts you’ve already made, or maybe a few friends of your connections through a well-placed share.

    But, if you’re ready to take your generation to the next level through precise targeting, preferential content placement in prospects’ feeds, and a slew of other features, it’s time to invest in LinkedIn Ads: your secret weapon for marketing. Here are a few of the great tools LI has up for grabs:

    Sponsored InMail

    Where the best email marketing campaigns may fall short, InMail thrives. LinkedIn’s Sponsored InMail service gives you the opportunity to write direct marketing messages to exactly who needs to see it. The best part is you’ll never have to worry about if your message flies under your prospect’s radar.

    Get LinkedIn to work for your B2B Business

    The content only gets sent when a contact is active and is tailor-fit to each recipient. You’ll enjoy higher sales and more client engagement with the next generation of direct sales copy.

    Sponsored Updates

    Spend less time qualifying leads by letting LI’s team bring them to you. Sponsored updates will put your company’s latest content at the top of highly-engaged users’ feeds, giving you more visibility and higher conversion rates. You’ll attract more followers and spread your message more effectively at a negotiable price that can fit any budget.

    Text-Based Ads

    Spruce up the sidebars of your prospects by adding your own short, sweet message to the mix! When you choose to use text ads, you’ll be able to tell your perfect potential clients exactly what they need to know, no time wasted. With powerful B2B targeting tools and a cost you decide, you’ll put your message in front of thousands, for less.

    LinkedIn Dynamic Advertising

    If text-based sidebar ads and direct response marketing aren’t your thing, LinkedIn’s team of marketing engineers have an entirely new engagement method for you to try out: Dynamic LinkedIn Ads. Here’s how it works:

    1. Select your target audience.
    2. Craft a killer CTA with the help of LinkedIn’s marketing team.
    3. Make it a one-step process for your prospects to follow your company.

    That’s it! You’ll pique your audience’s interest with targeted ad placement and an invitation to follow your company, and they’ll follow the breadcrumbs themselves.

    How Much Do LinkedIn Ads Cost?

    While prices vary based on the type of advertising you want and the intensity of your campaign, the minimum fee for sponsored updates and other indirect marketing tactics is $10 per campaign, or a $2 minimum bid if you choose to pay for your campaign based on cost-per-click.

    The price you decide affects how often your ads are shown, as well as what kind of audience you’re able to target. Direct approaches like InMail are negotiable with LinkedIn Sales Reps.

    Get LinkedIn to work for your B2B Business

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