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    By Jennelle McGrath in May, 2016 | 2 minute read

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    Google Analytics: Everything You Need to Know

    It helps to know where your business is coming from, and where it isn't. Google Analytics provides a wealth of indispensable information about your website and your marketing campaigns.

    If you want to run a stellar ad campaign, Google Analytics is a must-have. With its wealth of tracking data, out-of-this-world insights, and actionable results, you’ll be able to polish up a memorable campaign in no-time flat. You can get a bird's eye view of your marketing efforts with Google Analytics: everything you need to know:

    1. Really Get to Know Your Customers

    The best advertising is made up of content that’s relatable, relevant, and rewarding. These all may have different meanings from consumer to consumer. However, if you target your message effectively, you’ll strike a chord that resonates with an entire market.

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    Analytics is your best friend in this regard. It reports what your customers search for, what they’ve looked for in the past, and what catches their eye.

    2. Watch Your Campaign’s Effectiveness Grow

    If you’ve ever wondered what parts of your marketing strategy carry the most weight, Analytics has an answer for you. Correlating hundreds of points of data in meaningful ways will help you research and develop your marketing approach. As results come in, you'll save time and prevent guesswork.

    Valuable tools like In-Page Analytics will ensure that you’re not the only one saving time - your site visitors will, too. GA will show you how to decrease page load times, optimize content flow and make all aspects of your site more accessible with minimal effort on your end.

    3. Develop Your Marketing Chops

    Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer to online marketing, Google Analytics has tons of valuable tips and walkthroughs. They'll help you provide content that consistently improves. After incorporating the changes they suggest, share the revisions with your team natively from within the app.

    Over time, you’ll be notified of significant changes in site traffic through tools like Custom Alerts. That way, you and those you work with will be one step ahead of the competition through constantly refactoring your approach.

    4. If it Ain’t Broken…

    Then use it to fix something that is. Analytics is built to not only help you effectively market yourself, but remarket precisely what works for you. Based on the way your audience or potential clients use your online content, you’ll be able to fit your advertising to them accordingly while they browse elsewhere.

    Google Analytics: Everything You Need to Know to Start Marketing

    Using millions of points of data from other businesses in your particular market, Google Analytics helps you see how you stack up against your competition, and where your approach needs work. You’ll also gain valuable insights into where each of your customers is coming from, and how loyal they are.

    Combining this data and then fortifying your strategy with it will help you polish and perfect your marketing approach.

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